Meet the hosts

Cristina Graziano

As a young Sales leader and overall enthusiast for life, Cristina thrives on leaning into growth and the experiences that await.  That mindset of saying yes to the uncomfortable versus staying put is what has set the direction for her career thus far.  No matter how hectic life is, the balance in finding time for friends, family, and fun is non-negotiable.  Cristina's two biggest passions?  Pizza and Pilates!  Cristina is happily married to her husband Brad for the last 8 years.  



Joe with his lovely wife Laura

Joe Graziano

Joe is driven by all things process improvement and has made a career out of doing just that.  Bringing the experience of time, innovating in entrepreneurship, and engaging in community Joe has built a network of colleagues and friends that ultimately paved the path for the rich career he has today.  Aside from business strategy and process, Joe's passion is music.  In his free time, Joe plays guitar in a band called "Till We Cant".  Joe is happily married to his wife Laura of 37 years and has 3 great kids, though his Daughter Cristina is his favorite (so says Cristina!)  He's also the go-to tech support for family and friends.