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Extraordinary Topics!

Your pods are awesome! You provide such critical advice & you do it in an interesting , humorous & totally natural manner👍 The best part is the synergy between Cristina & Joe! Best father/daughter duo! Ty Steve, Anne Marie & Rose

Episode 53!

Congrats 🎉 on year 2! This episode offers incredible advice on such a critical topic! The best part is the different perspectives along with the banter! This was Steve’s fav ! He is a history buff 👍 Ty 4 your consistency & dedication for providing valuable info for business & personal! You guys are killing the pod space😀 Looking fwd to your 1st tik tok! Steve , Anne Marie & Rose

Great show

Really enjoy this! It’s a fun listen with a great message.

Great meeting points

This episode touched on so many relevant points about the good, the bad, and the ugly regarding meetings. Both Cristina and Joe provided effective suggestions that can help you make the most of your meetings. And of course, their banter makes this podcast super entertaining!

Great weekly content

I look forward to listening each week. Always a great message delivered in a fun way.

Love it

This podcast has become a fast favorite. I love that I feel like I’m sitting in the room with Joe and Cristina. It’s an easy listen with great content. Please keep it coming!

Entertaining and thoughtful

I highly recommend Morning Coffee & Mimosas for anyone interested in having a laugh while listening in on practical business and sales discussions. Guests are knowledgeable, bringing fresh dynamics to each episode. Episodes are under 30-minutes which aligns well with my attention span. VERY important: the hosts’ voices are easy on the ears. A bad voice can change great content into awful noise. Give it a listen!!

Very Insightful!!

I started listening to this podcast fairly recently and I am hooked! Joe and Cristina keep it very light, yet it is extremely interesting to hear them discuss todays business climate with very insightful guests. It is very fun to hear back and forth banter in a conversational manner. I think this keeps listeners engaged because it is not forced conversation, but rather organic. They cover a wide array of topics, and their guests always bring up great perspective on issues in the business world.

Every episode is inspiring :)

I’m a new listener to this podcast, but I’ve already found myself binge-listening to episodes. I appreciate how the hosts talk about professional development in an easily-digestible way, and make all of their topics both informational and fun! I especially loved the episode with Bart Prins, and all he had to say about slowing down in the sales world and making real connections!

Amazing Podcast Filled with Great Content

This podcast is incredible for anyone out there looking for informative and entertaining content. They do a great job getting guest speakers to give information and advice for businesses and every day people. I highly recommend listening to Morning Coffee and Mimosas!

Can’t live without this podcast!

Morning Coffee and Mimosas is an addicting podcast that is a perfect balance of laughter/entertainment and real life/mind opening topics that are both enlightening and inspirational. This podcast is like a fresh breathe of air and by the end of each episode it makes you challenge your mind and question yourself on various topics. As a stay at home mom where it’s easy to get lost in day to day toddler/baby life, it is refreshing to listen to this podcast and unwind.

Amazing content by great hosts!

I started listening to this podcast from the early episodes and it just keeps getting better and better as the weeks go on. Joe and Cristina are the perfect father/daughter duo that bounce interesting business topics off each other with ease thanks to their years of experience. They keep you locked in with their banter, laughs, and make you feel like you are sitting right there sipping a mimosa (or coffee) with them!

Insightful and fun!

I really enjoy this podcast. It’s easy professional oriented topics that can be applied to work life. The episodes are easy to listen to and short if you are limited on time! The duo is positive, fun and you can tell they enjoy doing it. Definitely worth a listen!

Must listen to!

This podcast is more than a perfect duo. It incorporates fun, education, and easy listening. Perfect podcast to listen to whether you’re driving to work, working out, doing your laundry, or enjoying along with your own mimosa or coffee! The concepts can be incorporated beyond business. I look forward to Sundays when a new episode is released.

Perfect duo

Episode 28 was perfect for me & really helpful. Thank you BTW- the miscommunication with the gap was awesome! It seemed planned & not an oversight 👍👏💯 You guys are really killing it! Anne Marie

Prefect Pair

Joe and Cristina are a well versed and well read, perfectly paired, podcast duo. As a speech language pathologist, business is not usually my daily life, but I find each week their tips and tricks are relatable and insightful. It allows me to be reflective in my own practice. These past three episodes on communication truly hit home to me. This week Cristina mentioned the fourth grade communication level. I found it amazing she was able to know and recall this information. As educators we strive to get our students to that level to improve life successes! Keep doing what you guys are doing! You are inspiring and entertaining! I look forward to continuing to listen!

Perfect duo

Congrats on 6 months! The best duo crushing the pod space👏🍾

Perfect duo

💯Self confidence pod was one of the best!👍 You both have ineffable confidence with your own unique styles! My motto- fake it till you make it!

Excellent Podcast

Great listen. Simple clean ideas about what we face in business and more important in life. Funny Truthful and fun to listen too!

Perfect duo

You guys are a natural duo! The hacks are perfect! Cristina & Joe you are crushing it! Thank you. Can’t wait till next week! Ps. Cristina based on your outfits& shoes you can count when it’s important 😂 Eureka moments! Steve & I loved this episode! We love all of your podcasts! You guys are killing the pod space!

A Great Listen

I really enjoy the banter of this podcast. It gives me the feeling that I’m sitting in a diner on a weekend morning, eavesdropping on the conversation in the booth next to me. The conversation is both thought provoking and insightful. Cheers!

You Guys Rock!!

So much talent in one family! This duo keeps it real—relevant topics, great stories and life lessons, all in a fun and entertaining format. Love your show, Joe and Cristina!!

Great Listen!

Love this father daughter duo, perfect combination of interesting topics and personal stories coming from two successful and lovable personalities!

Great up and coming Podcast

This is a great format! The hosts are both charismatic and have a great dynamic. The different perspectives on business, life and breakfast beverages makes the show informative while still being fun and relatable. I never thought I would enjoy learning about process improvement but Joe and Cristina have proven me wrong. The future looks bright!

Perfect duo

You guys are a natural duo! The hacks are perfect! Cristina & Joe you are crushing it! Thank you. Can’t wait till next week! Ps. Cristina based on your outfits& shoes you can count when it’s important 😂

Learn and laugh

I love listening to this duo! Joe shares great ideas with business, practical, and life experiences. Cristina adds her take and perspective for her generation and her experiences — encouraging the lighter side of life, welcoming laughter along the way. Very helpful, thought provoking, and entertaining.


Extraordinary daughter/father duo! Joe’s strategy for process improvement is en pointe ! Cristina ‘s mindset of living life out of your comfort zone makes you stronger & successful in all areas of life! OBSESSED with this podcast! Thank you!

Love this duo!

This is a wonderful upbeat podcast! Love listening to the witty banter between Cristina and Joe, and really enjoy the business aspects they discuss.

Love this!

So refreshing and amazing to hear a dad and daughter do a podcast together! Love their relationship and can’t wait to hear each episode 😁