The Start of a Powerful Series on Resiliance

The Start of a Powerful Series on Resiliance
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The noun resilience stems from the Latin resiliens, “to rebound, recoil.” Resilience is a person’s ability to recover from unfortunate circumstances or illnesses. 

What’s important about resilience is knowing what YOUR capacity for resilience is. Think about the little, micro rebounds you’ve made. Then think about the times you perhaps did NOT rebound. What will happen when a major event occurs? 

In this episode, we introduce our new series on resilience. These episodes will delve into the topic through interviews with people who have experienced major losses and challenges in life. Their stories will touch you, inspire you, but most of all give you hope that you can overcome anything, along with examples of what they did to get to the other side of their difficulties. 

In life, you will get knocked down. How will you rise back up?