5 Steps to Innovate Your Way to Success

5 Steps to Innovate Your Way to Success
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Innovation can be described as “the creation, development, and implementation of a new product, process or service, with the aim of improving efficiency, effectiveness or competitive advantage.”

People have innovative thoughts all day long as they go through their routine activities. Joe’s work in consulting and process improvement has shown that almost every employee has an idea for a “better way” to do things. Why is it so rare then for those ideas to be shared and put into practice?

Do they think their idea is not that good? Perhaps they’re afraid of the consequences if the ideas don’t work? Will they be perceived as lazy if the idea simplifies a work process? If they make things run smoother, perhaps they’ll lose their job because they’re not needed?

In this episode, we discuss this and show you how you can bring your innovative ideas to your leadership, or how you can execute these in your own business. During the course of this Podcast, you’ll come to see there is value in bringing your great ideas forward and come away with 5 tips to get them implemented. Listen with us and make your mark with your next innovation.