A is for Attitude!

A is for Attitude!
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What is the cost of a bad attitude?

Bad attitudes disrupt organizations, families, and friendships. A persistent bad attitude can ruin careers, marriages, and relationships of all kinds. 

We’ve all had a bad attitude at different points in our lives. What causes YOUR mood to turn sour?

Is it possible to be aware of our attitude and change before we cause hurt or damage our careers and those around us? How should we handle the bad attitudes of others in the workplace? 

In this critical yet fun episode, we dive into the topic of "attitude." Good and bad. Joe steps us through a decision tree you can use in and out of work to guide your response to below-par performance. 

What does below-par performance have to do with attitude? Well, you'll have to listen to find out. Join us this morning for an attitude adjustment and an all-around good time!