An Episode of Thanks and Gratitude

An Episode of Thanks and Gratitude
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This is the Sunday before Thanksgiving Day. We decided to step out of the resilience series to say thank you. We thank you, our listeners, and we express just how thankful we are for all that we have and how far we have come.

Joining us this episode is Joe’s beautiful wife, and Cristina’s Mom, Laura. Laura has been with us every step of the way with this Podcast, so we brought her on to chat, and reminisce about some of the early podcast planning. Curious how we came up with the name? We’ll play an excerpt from our planning session when the name “Morning Coffee and Mimosas” was born!  

Laura will also be our guest next week to share her own story of resilience and how Mindfulness plays a key role.

Although we are taking a step out of the resilience series, being thankful for what we have, thinking about what we still have, and who we have in our lives, goes a long way in helping us to be resilient.

Wishing all of our listeners, friends, and family a Happy Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for.