Episode 3: Growth: It’s not “comfy” but it's worth it

Episode 3: Growth: It’s not “comfy” but it's worth it

Listen as this Father-Daughter pair banter over breakfast about Business and Life...with many laughs along the way.

We all have comfort zones. Obviously, we are most comfortable there, but comfort doesn't equal happiness or satisfaction, or fulfillment. 

When we're not fulfilled, we often feel a tug towards whatever it is that might fulfill us, thus making us happier and more satisfied with our lives.

To get from our comfort zone, to where the tug is pulling us, requires moving to a potential "un-comfort" zone.

In this episode, we explore this theme through the lens of Cristina’s experiences and how different life may look if it weren’t for embracing the uncomfortable. 

Grab your coffee and some liquid courage if you need it. You'll leave these 30 minutes inspired to create major growth through small measured risk over time.