Personal Mission Statement - Who do You Really Want to Be?

Personal Mission Statement - Who do You Really Want to Be?
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If you find yourself working hard with lots to do, yet little fulfillment, maybe it’s time to step back and ponder the following quote by Billionaire investor Warren Buffett: 

”The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything."

A personal mission statement will help you decide when to say no. It points you in the direction of what you truly desire to accomplish or to be, thus saving you for what matters most.

In this episode, Cristina delves into an exercise she did to develop her own personal mission statement, giving us ideas and a template for developing Mission Statements of our own. Joe leaves this episode inspired to create his personal mission statement, which he’ll share in our next episode!

We look forward to you taking this exciting adventure into what your true calling is. You’ll find yourself saying “no” to lots of things so you can say yes to those things that align with your personal mission. Listen, laugh with us and start enjoying your life more today!