The Change You Never Asked For – Managing External Changes

The Change You Never Asked For – Managing External Changes
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It feels like an appropriate topic on the first day of spring to continue our theme around change by talking about the changes that happen TO us. Whether we notice it or not, this type of change is continuous and constant.

Change can be a difficult thing to deal with. Why do we resist change? Is it fear of the unknown? Uncertainty of an uncharted path? The concern of potential loss or hardship? We often get stuck in our ways and don't want to shift from what we know. 

Perhaps you have been doing something for a long time and don't want to change your routine or get uncomfortable. How can we shift the perspective around change to one of gratitude and possibilities? In this episode, we tackle this topic revealing things we can all do to handle external change better as it presents.  

Listen with us for a mindset shift to get fueled by change rather than halted by the fear of it. Come away from this episode welcoming the new season with excitement over the change it will bring for the better in your lives….opportunity awaits!