The impact of Volunteerism, a Rotary Club Conversation

The impact of Volunteerism, a Rotary Club Conversation
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Giving back. What does this mean to you, or for you? There’s no doubt that volunteering your time, giving back to others, has benefits that far exceed the obvious. But what are some of these benefits? What can we glean from some of those who have chosen to make “giving back” part of the fabric of their lives, and the lives of their families? We recently spent time with our community’s Rotary Club. This is the Club Joe has been a member of for over 33 years. In this episode, we discuss a little about what Rotary is, but most importantly, the impact that giving back has on the lives of those who do it. We hear from some members of the Club about how they integrate Rotary, volunteering, and giving back, into their lives. You’ll hear firsthand how giving back has made life better for everyone involved. We want to give a special thanks to the Wayne PM Rotary Club, Club President Charles Grant, and Program Chair Cindy Saypol.