The Pivot to a Purpose Driven Career, a Conversation With Rose LoPiano of the Plant Life Chose Us

The Pivot to a Purpose Driven Career, a Conversation With Rose LoPiano of the Plant Life Chose Us

Have you ever had that sinking feeling that your career isn't in alignment with your purpose? Ever felt the itch to make a change but are unsure how? 

Today, we are joined by Rose Lopiano, the founder of "The Plant Life Chose Us." The vegan fitness coaching community is impacting thousands of lives worldwide for the better. 

In this episode, we dig into "The Pivot" Rose took from working the corporate grind as a bio-medical engineer to ultimately following her true mission to "empower women to achieve their dream bodies while enjoying their favorite foods."

Have you ever had that sinking feeling that your career isn't in alignment with your purpose? Ever felt the itch to make a change but are unsure how? 

Today, we are joined by Rose Lopiano, the founder of "The Plant Life Chose Us." The vegan fitness coaching community is impacting thousands of lives worldwide for the better. 

In this episode, we dig into "The Pivot" Rose took from working the corporate grind as a bio-medical engineer to ultimately following her true mission to "empower women to achieve their dream bodies while enjoying their favorite foods."

Listen with us as Rose shares invaluable insights and wisdom to help you take the leap into a career that lights the fire deep within your belly and gets you jumping out of bed each morning. 

You can connect with Rose and "The Plant Life Chose Us" here:


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Episode 84 Rose-2

Welcome to Morning Coffee and Mimosas. I'm Christina. And I'm Joe. We are a father-daughter duo. We come here Sunday mornings, but you can come here anytime you please. We banter about life, about business, and we do it over coffee and mimosas.

And I'm gonna race and say good morning. 

First, you always do this, but we've discussed this before. It's not a race when no one else is competing with you. . Oh, . I know. It's a problem. I have . Like I actually just let you say good morning first. So I guess, congratulations, you won. Does that feel good? Yeah.

What makes me 

feel better? And you feel good, 

dad? I'm happier that way. All right. Well good. Well, good morning. Good morning. Good morning, five. This is an exciting morning. Good morning listeners. We are very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very excited this morning because we don't have to just look at each other today.

We have a really good friend and guest with us today. Mm-hmm. Rose low piano of the plant life 

chose us. And I'm allowing Joe to speak freely today. Thank you. So listeners, wow, get ready for the dad jokes. Okay, good. 

Love you, rose. Thank 

you, . So if you listen often, you often hear me try and put an end to.

Too many dad jokes. I I've said one is fine. He pushes for two sometimes. Rose has told him he has carte blanche to unleash as many dad jokes as he would like. See, there 

are people that 

appreciate me. So you may wanna turn the podcast off right now. , if dad jokes aren't your thing, . But if you can tolerate a few dad jokes, we have some really, really, really good episode for you.

And. I'm super excited for you guys to get to meet Rose who we have with 

us today. I'm super excited to be here. I just had a tour of Christina's in-home garden and she gave me a piece of lettuce, so I'm ready. Oh, really? . Wow. 

Wow. It felt appropriate that the plant life should get. the plant life 


I've been getting the royal treatment, that's for sure. This morning. I'm super excited to be here. Yeah. Oh, we're happy to have you 

here. So, yeah, we got to be excited about this show. It was great. I'm super excited because Rose has such an incredible story and has had a journey that has been so unique in that she is just a kick ass woman.

Went to school for engineering, which is already amazing because there are not nearly enough women in the engineering field. I know that it's increasing, but that's just badass as it is. And as she was there, she, she did the whole thing right, got the job, did all of that, and then realized wait, there's something else that I really wanna be doing.

And she actually did it because I think so many of us, you know, we think about all these things we wanna do, we have s and they stay. Somewhere in the cloud, somewhere in the head. , but you actually did it. So, um, I'm really excited. Today we're gonna be talking about that pivot, and I'm not talking about the pivot of Ross from friends, if anybody knows that episode , but the pivot of and reinventing yourself.

And this is timely because I believe in following your dreams. And that's why I just roll over and go back to sleep. , 

was that your own dad joke? . 

I love it. . Let him keep coming. So basically 

we're not gonna know when he is contributing to the conversation or just making a dad joke 

at this point. But Rose actually did something.

I'm just went back to sleep. So . 

But anyway, rose, thank you for being here. Can you tell the listeners a little bit about yourself? 

Thank you for the amazing introduction, Christina . I have a lot to live up to. My name is Rose and I feel like this is full circle because on my first ever Instagram Live. Joe was actually on it, and I was so nervous that I just picked on him the whole time.

And now we're full circle to my first podcast with my dad's friend, Joe. Mm-hmm. , who I noted. Yes, yes. So my name is Rose. I have an online health and fitness coaching company geared toward vegan and plant-based women. And that's what I've been doing for the. Three years. Wow. So I'm excited to take the listeners back to my journey.

Hopefully I can inspire anyone that just has that fire inside of them. And I would say, my tagline that I'll probably say a lot during this podcast is that nothing changes if nothing changes. So, If you have a dream, don't listen to Joe and get out of that . I 

love that. before, we take everybody back in time.

Like what is the plant life chose us. Were you a little bit creeped out on your first Instagram live? Joe or Facebook Live that there was this like middle-aged man that was on your women's base, plant life community. Well, 

I got nervous when she, when she called on me, cause I, I said, oh my goodness, she knows

I'm like, she's like, there's a really nice young lady on here, 

Joe , . I'm like, hopefully the Instagram algorithm that doesn't pick up on that, it's gonna be all skewed . Oh, that's, but yeah, I have. Community. And then I also have a one-on-one coaching program within the community. So that community for the clients is, you know, having a one-on-one coach, design their workouts, their nutrition, and then also having a lot of group support.

We have client group chats, group lectures, all of those things. But I try to open up a larger community. , I'll do some weekly events, put recipes in a more private. Facebook community and post along on my social media platforms, 

and it has been so impressive and inspiring, um, because I've been participating in your platforms.

Mm-hmm. and in the community and such an amazing group of women, I have to say all super positive. Mm-hmm. . So I think that your whole vibe has really just, it, it's become like the heart of your community, which has been really cool. So I think. You find through whatever algorithm that is, you are finding the right kind of people that create just a really positive environment where I think you can drive change for in people's lives for the better.

Mm-hmm. , you know, health, wellness, but I think also mentally 

as well. Totally, totally. Just the mindset of committing to the process of being 1% better every single day than you were yesterday and then having a tribe of other. Behind you supporting you and, and with that, you know, any dream is possible. I 

love that.

And how large is this community? It, I mean, I've been inspired by watching the growth, but it's amazing 

right now for our clients. Between myself and my coaching team, we have about 125 active clients. And then I would say all across my platforms, probably like over five or 10. . 

That's awesome. Wow. That's amazing.

And that's in three years. Mm-hmm. . So just to set the stage for everybody, like you were in working full-time as an engineer. Mm-hmm. like three years ago. Yeah. And now you've got this business that you've built, that you have coaches that are working for you. Mm-hmm. and this whole it. It's real. Right? This isn't like 


It's very real. It's very real success. It's, 

it's a truly successful business. Yeah. 

So when you say a lot can happen in a, in three years, right? Mm-hmm. , like, so let's take a step back now with that as kind of like the frame of where you are. Mm-hmm. . what initially drove you to get into like start in engineering?

Mm-hmm. . , probably my indecisiveness. So I always knew I wanted to help people. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go to medical school or something else along the healthcare professional field. So I picked biomedical engineering cuz it gave me enough versatility where if I wanted to go to med school later on, I could.

but it's also math and science, which were subjects that I enjoyed. So that's where I ended up and then I realized that it is not what I wanted to be doing. , 

I'm not gonna, I'm gonna interrupt you a second cuz you posted a really cute picture on your Instagram of when you were working. Uh oh. And you were with somebody at a, at a desk, like at a ta at, you know, in work.

Yeah. And, and I hope you don't mind me saying this, when your tag line, the caption was the fake smile I had. Mm. You know, I'm not happy, but I'm, 

you know, doing 

the thing. Right? Yep. I thought he was referring. I do have a picture on my website. I used to eat sweet potatoes at work like an apple . Oh, what sweet potatoes.

A different picture. But I would eat sweet potatoes at work and all my coworkers would just look at me, smile. But here I am 

still eating sweet potato . Well, you've made a life out of eating sweet. You've made a life 

outta Yes, that's right. Yes. Yes. You've 

made a business outta eating sweet potatoes.

But yes, that is correct. I did post a nice corporate looking picture the other day. Mm-hmm. of, uh, that was a staged photo of myself, and I said that that was my fake smile, which was very, very true. And I feel like, you know, now I feel like it's more. , you know, mainstream. And a lot of people are talking about just unhappiness or just wanting to shift and pivot.

But I feel like back then it was even more just, you know, the grind and, and that's what the standard was. Mm-hmm. . Right. 

So you kind of got involved in this field. Mm-hmm. because you're like, okay, I wanna do something. I wanna be successful. 

Yep. Wanna make money. I wanna make money. Engineering good money.

Yep. Right. Exactly. While you were, it was either, you know, medical mm-hmm. , engineering, all of those high. So you've always been a driven person, right? Yeah. And you've always been willing to work hard. Mm-hmm. . So none of that has changed. But what was like that, that moment when you realized okay, this is not for me?

Hmm, that's a great question. I saw that on the outline. I was thinking about it the entire morning moment. So I have two, so we'll start with the first one. So when I was in c. , I had this passion. I was always a personal trainer on the side, was getting into nutrition, got my certifications for myself. My passion has always been just the plant-based nutrition.

niche. However, the one pivotal moment at work was I was . I was in the cafeteria, and I went in because they would throw out their bruised bananas, and I, they were perfect for nice cream . So I would, oh my goodness. I would go in on like a Friday afternoon and I would ask the, you know, porker in the cafeteria if I could just bring home the bananas before she threw them out.

Yeah, I was the only one doing that, so I got a lot of bananas. But anyway. So are you still going and getting your bananas from there, from that? No, , I think, uh, I think they have my, uh, my picture at the gate. But, uh, so the cafeteria worker, one day she actually asked me what I ate and I said, you know, I'm whole food plant-based vegan.

and she told me that her mom all the way in Brazil just had surgery for breast cancer and that she had been starting researching about nutrition and found plant-based eating and was just asking me all these questions and, you know, she was so upset about her mom and really wanted to help her mom, you know, on her journey back to health.

And, and in that moment I'm like, I am at work for engineering, yet this is the most passionate and the most, you know. Fired up. I've been in this place talking about plant-based eating and just I need to help people more directly. You know, I didn't wanna be running these operations, making pharmaceutical drugs, you know, it helped people, but I just, just felt very removed and just not authentic.

So I think at that moment, I actually remember after work, I kind of cried in my car just thinking about, wow, like, I need, I need to do something else. But. . I didn't really know exactly how I was gonna do it yet. 

Interesting. And it sounds like if I'm, it sounds like Nice Cream was born before the Plant Life chose us.

Was born, I think Nice Cream was actually born 12 or 13 years ago. 

And like listeners, for those of you that don't know, nice Cream is 

famous Nice cream for breakfast. You know, I can talk about oatmeal on another podcast and my hatred for it, . We'll stick to the pivot for this one. But Nice cream for breakfast every single day.

If you don't know what that is, you can refer to my social media channels. Yeah. But 

Nice Cream has gotten to be famous within Rose's community. Mm-hmm. , and I think it spans outside of the community probably now as well. Yes. So as you were talking about nice cream, as you were, you know, stealing bruised bananas.

Mm-hmm. from your employer, . I'm just laughing because I'm like, this was all very meant to be. It was very meant to be. You had a lot of the fundamentals before you decided 

to ultimately do what you did. Foundations were laid. I had my Instagram. I thought that I was just gonna post my recipes on Instagram, so I've had that for a really long.

and the seeds were planted, that's for sure. 

That's awesome. So how did you ultimately 

make the switch? . That's a great question. So we'll bring it back again. . I, one day, and this was, I would say right after, you know, the pandemic went down. I don't know how to refer to it on a podcast. Is it a, can I say it's pretty much it.

I mention you could say anything you want. Yeah. Can I mention the word? Okay. Yeah. 

Pandemic. I mean, I think it's one of those things that, like we tried for a while, we were like, we're so done. Yeah. Pandemic talk. It's like we're so done with it. Like absolutely that icky word of covid and all of that.

Mm-hmm. , but it is like just a fact of life. Right? Yep. I mean, this podcast was born during the pandemic. Mm-hmm. , there's a lot of, you know, you're right. There was some good that came out of the pandemic. 

Mm-hmm. very good for both of us, I would say. I think so. But in terms of, in terms of that, you know, one night I was, uh, I was scrolling Instagram as usual and.

There was someone's Instagram account that had a coaching business, and I'd been following that business and that person for a while, we hadn't really connected, and there was a question box on the Instagram and I asked the question, are you single Because , interesting question because the um, the individual.

It's very attractive and I thought nothing would come with it. It was a, you know, pretty big account, big business. So, long story short, I ended up going on a first date skydiving with this individual. That is some first date. It was incredible. Um, and that individual had a business model. Of online coaching and I had no idea that you could do this online.

I had this plan, you can refer to my diary where I thought that I would have to build up my clientele cause I had always been personal training at the gym. I was taking on nutrition clients on the side, but I really thought I had to build up. Clientele in person and then maybe rent space out and then, you know, maybe have my own gym.

But it just seemed like it was gonna take me such a long time to be able to do that. And. I remember too, one day I went to a CrossFit gym and I asked if I could do like a demonstration on food. And I was so nervous to go and ask that, but I did. But it just, it just seemed like it would take a really long time.

But anyway, so I met this person and I was like, okay, it's possible. So that was the spark, and I was like, okay, I, I know what to do now I can do it myself. And then, I started taking on clients. My first client was all the way in Australia, because remember I had my Instagram at that time, so I did have a small following and there was a need for what I was providing.

So I started taking on clients and then as soon as I was matching the amount I made at work per month, per paycheck, I was like, okay, I can actually quit if I wanted to. And here we are. That's 

amazing. Wow. . 

Mm-hmm. . That is incredible. 

Yeah. So what did that look like as you were, as you were taking on clients on the side?

Mm-hmm. , were you trying to find them in Australia because you were working 24 hours a day in order to do 

this . Well, yeah. When I would wake up at 4:00 AM and they'd be able, yeah. There you go. 

You're like, 

this is perfect. This is perfect. It's funny. Um, yeah, it was, it was crazy. I mean, even then, I was working constantly and I would spend my nights and my weekends training others on the side, going to plant-based conferences, learning all these things, reading papers.

And then when I started taking on clients and having the business, I literally, and if anyone from my former. I was listening to this right now. I'm very sorry. Earmuffs, 

earmuffs, earmuffs, . 

Shut this off right now. Um, but I was at the point where I was taking calls during work, like in my car or walking outside, and I was like, okay, I can't do this anymore.

I'm, you know, not being loyal to, you know, either job. So that's when I was like, something has to change because I like one more than the other. That's for sure. Yeah. You're 

leaving one 

to go do the other. Exactly, exactly. It's 

interesting. You know, listening to you, you, you took the model of online and number of people that you can help.

Mm-hmm. versus the traditional Yeah. Pre-social media, pre everything. Mm-hmm. , where you would've made a financial investment, had to borrow money. Yep. Rent a place. Mm-hmm. or, you know, and when you think about it, you can help an exponential number of people Oh, yeah. The way you are now. Mm-hmm. . Whereas if it was a local gym mm-hmm.

and a local. Thing you could, you probably could make decent good money. Decent. Yeah. But the investment is higher. Mm-hmm. and the number of people that you can influence mm-hmm. is not as great. Mm-hmm. as where you are now because, you are helping people that you don't even know. Right. And you're not gonna make money from it, let's say, but you're helping people.

Mm-hmm. , and then from that, . Mm-hmm. comes, comes the Rev, you know, more revenue. Mm-hmm. . So very interesting and fascinating. 

Mm-hmm. , it's super cool and it's also very serendipitous, I don't know if this is the word for it. Mm-hmm. That you're, kind of like the inspiration for how you are gonna do this. Came from just finding a guy kind of attractive 

because that question could gone in a lot of 



everything, you know, everything happens for a reason. Right. I agree. Mm-hmm. , and I mean, it's scary to think if I never met that person, if I would find this way, or you know, if I would've made the leap, um, without that encouragement, but you. I 

think so you would, I mean, you literally jumped out of a plane.

I jumped. Jumped outta the plane. And then in, in many ways that day 

that I can't, that I can't agree with. I mean, you're supposed to be sitting in the plane, there's a reason there's a door 

on the plane, . But you jumped out of a plane in many ways that day. like, yes, no, that's good. And I think that's, it's kind of like a really.

Cool story. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. To say like that was kind of when you took the leap lit, literally. Yeah. 

I did tell the skydive instructor that I'm quitting my job. As soon as I opened my eyes. I had them shut during the free fall when I opened my eyes and I was like, wow. There are lots of possibilities in life.

Yeah. There are. Yeah. Yeah. 

That's great. It's really cool when you push yourself outside of like your comfort zone. Oh, there's Tiffany. Hold on. One

So Rose, how would you say, because you are a coach now, right? Mm-hmm. , and there are so many women that are inspired by you and looking to you for leadership. Um, there's other coaches that are looking to you for leadership, right? Mm-hmm. and, and how to do these things. How important, it sounds like obviously that date, right where you jumped out of the plane mm-hmm.

left your job really took the. , how important has coaching been for you as you built this new business and your, your new, you know, your future? 

Well, it didn't all happen on that day. Let me, there's some months that spanned. That would be pretty epic if I just quit right there. , you literally are in the air.

You're like, hi, hi. This is my two week notice , that's my two minute 

notice. I'm 

down . Uh, but I will mention that, uh, when I did quit my job, I did not tell my boss or my coworkers what I was doing. Cause I was afraid. I seriously was afraid that it would, you know, fail and I would be back at work begging for my job back months later.

So I said to myself, I cannot let that happen. and coaching for me. Do you mean the coaches in my life or, yes. Okay. Yes. Like 

how important, because I think a lot of times the best coaches have coaches, right? Yes. And I Oh, yeah. I'm curious, like, especially being an entrepreneur because you go from, you're working in the construct of a corporate America, right?

Where there's structure and, um, I think that's why the coaching business has blown up so much because everybody realizes. , you can be super motivated and you can have passion. Mm-hmm. , and you can work really hard, but sometimes it's helpful to have somebody else helping 

you along the way too. Oh, absolutely.

Absolutely. And I would say if my bosses were still watching this, my first boss at corporate, I would say is one of the most influential mentors in my life and the lessons that he had taught me. Since, you know, day one when I started are still ones that I refer to and I still ask him for advice. So there are mentors everywhere and I would say talk to everyone.

Talk to everyone. And that was my favorite part about work as well, just making connections. One of my coworkers, she was 62, and we would get lunch and it was great. So be open. Be open. But in terms of directly. Relating to business. Um, so I quit my job in October and then it took me a few months to get my first business mentor because I had that notion like a lot of the prospects that are coming to my coaching program say that, you know, I could just do it on my own.

I can do it on my own. I know what to do.

you may know what to do, but knowing how to do it is a completely different ballgame. So that is how I felt. You know, I felt I an engineer, I should know how to do this. I can look online, all this stuff. But I hired my first business mentor and I would say that investing in yourself, investing in skill sets, Is something that is just.

Overlooked and you are your best investment. So invest in the tools and the skill sets, you know, rather than investing in the stock market or whatnot. Joe, you can, uh, if you have any comments on that , you can, uh, you can table those for now. But, um, Oh, I like that. 

If you have 

any comments, don't mention them.

They're not welcome. They're not welcome. She said that you have car blanche for dad jokes, but not, not for anything else. Yeah. Yeah. I 

got it, I got it. . Um, so I actually, and it's so funny, so, um, my first mentor is from our hometown, and he really taught me how to just, what's the word I'm trying to look for?

How to brand myself and how to cultivate community, and then how to have proper business infrastructure. Of course. And that was amazing. I took my business to heights. I never thought were possible and I really felt like, you know, this can be something like I can do this. And you know, then I was. I would say I reached a plateau with, you know, where I was in my business, and then I decided to expand and invest in another mentor in my circle more recently.

And that alone has been incredible. And that would honestly be my biggest piece of advice to anyone is number one, take action. Because mm-hmm , you're not gonna start a business by journaling about it. And you. Not doing anything. Um, and once you take action, doesn't have to be perfect action. Just anything.

Invest in a mentor or coach, someone that's done it before, whether it's a relationship, whether it's um, you know, a fitness coach, whether it's um, financial coach or coaches for an organization. Coach coaches for every aspect of your life, but find someone that actually did what you wanna do. It's gonna just skyrocket your success.

And I truly feel like if I didn't have mentors, it would've taken me probably 10 years in the online space to get to where I am now rather than, you know, two to three. It's 

amazing. Yeah. And, oh, go ahead, John. 

No, no, no. It's okay. I like, am I allowed to 

talk? We're gonna allow you allowed, we're gonna allow you an opinion now.

Okay. . I love this. Rose, can you come every week so we can keep up on 

him? Yeah. 


Um, and I, I really, I really like what you're saying and because I, and I'm gonna distill it down, not that you took that long to say it, but I'm gonna distill it down into two things. And the coach. Yeah. Because a coach without the action Yeah.

There's too much going on. Yep. Yeah. The coach has to see what direction you're doing, what you're doing, and how you're doing it, and then tweak you and move it. Um, you know, I played the guitar and I was in a band for many, many years. Mm-hmm. and. The action of, and I was like, you, you know, I could do it myself.

Yep. There's YouTube videos, there's books, there's all kinds of stuff. You play the guitar, same analogies. And then when I got, um, I know a friend of, uh, Julie's brother is a master guitar player, and I remember I paid him, this is a, a 

friend for the listeners, a friend, a friend of ours, friend of ours, a friend of his, Julie, has a brother that was a 

master musician, a pro professional musician, like played with big bands on tour and everyth.

I paid him. Yeah. And because I was now starting to want to go out and do things, and then he would hear me and say, all right, now do it this way. Do it this way. Even though I was watching YouTube videos mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. , I was doing something. Yep. He would see what I was doing and say, okay, that's fine, but hold your hand this way, do this, do that.

Then when I got in a band mm-hmm. , the other musicians we were playing, you know, Do it this way. Mm-hmm. , maybe touch do that. But if you don't take action and get into the game Yep. No one can help you Exactly. Get better. 

And also, so I love what you've said. I love what you, you said, and also if you're not willing, like sometimes you hear feedback and you ignore it.

Oh yeah. Right? Mm-hmm. or you are defensive mm-hmm. about things because you have an ego or you feel like, you know, insulted. Mm-hmm. by somebody. Mm-hmm. , I you, I think. You have to be willing to be a sponge. Mm-hmm. and, you know, be moldable and changeable 

and, but a good coach works with you. Exactly. And might say, you know what?

I hear you, you're right, like the way you want to do things, but as you do it, , twist it, you know, do this, do that. Yeah. It's a two-way street. But you're right. You have to be open to the criticism, which is painful 

sometimes. Mm-hmm. . But I think a big portion of that is, like you said, find the people that are where you wanna be.

Yes. Find the people that are doing the things you want to do. Yeah. Because nobody wants a critic, right? Like mm-hmm. . You're not looking for a critic from somebody that is like, you know, an armchair quarterback that's like, you know, out in the bleachers telling the football players how to 

play. Yeah, 

get on the field pal and then see what 

it's like

Right. But I mean, I think like that, you know, when you look at and you find that person that did the thing that you're trying to do mm-hmm. , um, it's a lot easier to say, okay, I'm gonna take advice from that person. Yeah, 

totally. Very good. And, uh, number three, roll. Don't ask your family for business advice.

shit. Do we? I maybe need to shut this whole 

podcast down. . 

This is gonna be a costly, uh, costly event. That's basically what we're doing in this podcast. I think we have a flawed business plan. Dad, this is all about asking family for advice. I think it's very problematic. , 

oh my goodness. Oh. Still love 

you, rose.

It's okay. I know . 

So along the way, rose, like if you were to go back to the very beginning, are there things that you like did along the way or that you would change, or lessons that you learned? Hmm. , 

Ooh. Was this question on the outline? 

I think it was in some iteration, uhoh. In some iteration . 

Like the lines you forgot to type.

Ah hmm. I would've just said, you know, start sooner. I was a very much, let me mom and pop it, do it myself, type deal. And I could have hired a lot faster. I could have delegated a lot faster. and you know, if you wanna grow, you have to find the right people, and then you have to take ownership and train those people, and then your people are gonna scale you and your systems are gonna scale you.

So I think that would be the only thing I would change is just start sooner in terms of maybe me leaving my job. And then in terms of. hiring and delegating because you know, it's with anything you feel like you can be the best at your job, you can do it the best. Especially when you step into managing people.

I'm sure you both can relate to that. Mm-hmm. , it's like, you know, why would I give it to someone else if they're only gonna do 80%? and I can make it perfect, but you know, there's only one you, so you have to delegate. Yeah. 

And Right. Yeah. And that's, that's, it's very good advice because also the definition of Perfect Yep.

Is very subs, uh, subjective. Mm-hmm. , right. So, yeah, I think it's perfect because I'm Joe and I think it's perfect, and then mm-hmm. Rose looks at it and says, well, that's pretty good, but you missed this, this, and this. Yeah. Now, if I delegated it to someone, , and like you said, they did 80%. Mm-hmm. , but that 80% might have been 120% of my perfect.

and now I don't have to do that. Right. And I could move on to something else. Mm-hmm. and to your point, scale Yeah. Is a great, is a great word. 

Mm-hmm. , how do you, and this is not on the outline, I'm just riffing on this. Thank you for the warning. Um, that was on the outline though. So Uhoh, 


sorry, , 

I'm not even on the outline mode, 

so don't worry about it

But, um, anyway, we actually had a whole episode. Or a couple episodes dedicated to delegation. what have you found to be effective when you've tried to delegate or, or executed delegation? Like what do you look for and how do you decide if it's something you're gonna do or something you're gonna 


Mm. Looking at the things I hate doing. very good. What you should do, looking at the things I hate doing, and then I can focus on what's. Drive the business forward. And then I would just note that, you know, before you delegate, you have to make sure that you do the job with the person a few times until they're ready to do it on their own.

That's what I found that really helps is just making sure that when hiring someone. , obviously you train them and they go through your trainings, but you know, it really pays to do the job with them for an extended period of time. And then when you delegate, you know that they're able to think and make decisions on your behalf.

That's great. 

And you talked a little bit about systems. Mm-hmm. and the importance of systems. Mm-hmm. , is that something that you're then incorporating them into as you're delegating and showing them the. . 

Yes. And that's why, you know, everyone always asks like, do you still use your engineering degree? Yes, SOPs

But now the SOPs are actually ones that I care about, right? And the data is actually data that I care about rather than, you know, doing it for a company that, wasn't my passion. Um, but yeah, systems and consistency is everything. Um, If you guys did your research, you would know I have some viral videos on TikTok, so I would love to interject here and say that on TikTok, I have Viral VI videos because I was consistently posting for 10 days, three times a day.

Wow. And on the 11th day, each time my video would go viral really? And it was the same type of content that would go viral. So that is just a small anecdote story of just the power of consistency, whether it's, you know, in social media, whether it's in business, whether it's in building habits. To utilize the systems that you create, you have to be intentional and consistent with it.

And, , you know, that's how businesses are built. It's consistent actions for a really long time. And when you're in the mud, when you're doing it, it's gonna suck. Like you're gonna wanna give up. It's, it's not gonna be there. You're not gonna see anything. Nothing is gonna be happening, but if you give up, then you're done.

You're out. So you have to commit to being consistent even when you don't see it. And when you don't feel like it. 

Yeah. That 

is brilliant. That it really is. I love, I love what you said that, that's fantastic. Yeah. 

Yeah. It's like, you know, Christina and, and you, the, you're saying I'm so successful and like I don't even see that yet because I'm still doing the work and it's that constant process and, and you know, I'm sure.

billionaires and millionaires get asked all the time, like, what's the secret to success? Right. Like, tell me, like, tell me a, the secret is just shut up and do the work. Like, and then come back 10 years later because it's very rare to be an overnight success. Mm-hmm. , but you can do whatever you want if you just grind at it every single day.

Yeah. Well, 

and if you think about most businesses, most businesses are doing something over and over and right over again. Yep. And then a little bit more, a little bit. . Yeah. There's an old story my father used to, it's an advertising story, and he used to tell me that there was a, uh, guy that had, uh, a hotdog stand Yeah.

Forever. And about five miles down the road, there was a sign on the road that said, you know, Joe's Hotdogs. Mm-hmm. five miles up the road. And he had one at four miles and three miles and two miles. His son grew up, you know, got a management degree and he was in marketing and he was a genius.

Mm-hmm. . And they had a recession and he says to his dad, things are gonna get bad. Yeah. You should take down that, uh, that sign that's five miles away. You don't need that. He took it down. Sure enough business went down. Mm-hmm. . And he goes, dad, it's getting worse. You gotta take that other one down. Took it down.

And finally the father said, you're a genius. You know what? Business is really bad, I gotta close up. But the point was, The signs were bringing people in. Mm-hmm. , and he was looking at the money. So in other words, the signs were consistently driving people. Mm-hmm. took 'em out. Be consistent. Yep. And you cannot always know what that next, like you said, viral at one, viral at a, a certain point in time.

You can never know. 

I think that's, incredible advice, and it sounds really simple, right? Mm-hmm. like, just show up, be consistent. be disciplined, but that's not, that's hard to execute. Mm-hmm. often, right? Mm-hmm. , I think that it's, it's really admirable how you have, you know, shown up time and time again and spent the time to like be, work on your business mm-hmm.

while you're in the business, right? Yeah. To make sure that you're keeping your strategy and all of that, top of mind. but for people that are. thinking about getting started, right? Mm-hmm. and, and doing this, obviously we've talked about take action, Just, find the people that are already doing the things that you wanna do.

Mm-hmm. , what drives you on the days when you like wake up, and maybe you never do, but on the days that you wake up and you're just kind of like, mm-hmm. , ugh. You know, what drives 

you knowing that there are hungry people that need hotdogs to refer to Joe's story. , right? There you go. If there's a.

you know, you're always gonna have a business and just thinking. The other women out there that have never tasted ice cream. And apparently Joe told me on a break that he doesn't know what ice cream is. So I have a lot more work to do, that's for sure. Um, 

well, I mean, I don't know, do you, cuz he's not really your target audience.

I might have to, to scale all the, uh, plant Life chose Joe. Um, but you know, the plant life Shuns joke. Shuns joke, . We won't say what you ate for lunch before. 

We will not say keep that offline. Uh, there were, there were peppers 

in there and some, there were somes, some carrots. There was some plant, some plant plant.

Twin beans. Yeah. Yeah. Some plant was among the wildlife. I know.

Oh. But, um, yeah, it just, it just goes back like my whole, you know, philosophy is, food should taste good, and if you have a goal to change the way that you look, to lose some fat, to tone up whatever it is, like you do not have to sacrifice good food or the things that you enjoy and. , that is my mission because I see so many women struggling just not knowing what to do and not enjoying what they're, you know, doing in the process.

So I just think about that and just think about all the people that my recipes are gonna touch. And once, once you have the tools and the knowledge of. , kind of like what I was talking about with my mentors, showed me the blueprint, the systems, the structure, the strategy, like, you know, you can change your whole life.

I've had clients that leave relationships. I've had clients that leave their jobs and just completely change their mindset and their life. So I know there's a lot more people that I have to touch. So on those days, . I just don't take Joe's advice of going back to sleep to follow my dreams. , I just count to three and jump out of bed.

I love 

that. No, really? 

Really? You are? You are. Uh, beyond your years. You are, you are brilliant. You really are. I agree with that. And, and an inspiration. And I mean that. 

I do have a gray hair to show you do. Yeah. Just one so far. Just one . 

We'll find it after this and pull it out. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you. That's it.

Yeah. One more question, just along the lines of going viral. Yeah. Um, I'm gonna try, we're trying to get Joe to go viral with his dad jokes. Mm-hmm. , so you may see him come up on TikTok. 

Uh oh. 

F Y P. Yeah. Wow. But what I'm wondering is, um, and this is probably a curiosity of my own, as you start to get, like you, as your reach gets broader mm-hmm.

and broader and broader Yeah. And the audience gets bigger and bigger. Yeah. is there insecurity in that or critics and, you know, all of a sudden there's people commenting you know, not everybody is. Supportive and how do you deal with that? Hmm. And is everybody supportive?

Because I think that's, that's a in, in the world today. Mm-hmm. , it's so important that we're all putting ourselves out there. Right. Yeah. And being like a public brand. Um, but there's also I think, insecurity that comes along with that. Totally. of completely putting yourself out there. Mm-hmm. and, you know, are people judging me?

What are people saying? Yeah. Like, you know, or people coming on with negative comments, like, how do you deal with that? Because I think Mm, I mean, that's something I think about as I'm like, I know I need to be out there more, but yeah. Do I wanna put 

myself out there? That much ? Yeah. Yeah. Uh, I feel like that, that fear right there stops so many people from, you know, taking action.

someone I know for example, He could have a very prominent presence on social media, and he's very attractive and very smart. And I suggested it to him once about this business idea. And he actually told me that he was afraid of going in front of the camera. And from my perspective, that was just so shocking because from my perspective, I was like, oh my gosh, this person is so confident, yada, yada, yada.

But I feel like that is a very, you know, a very real fear. And if I was afraid like that too, especi. people finding out my Instagram and then my coworkers finding out things like that. And luckily, I don't get a lot of negative comments or feedback. The ones on TikTok that, um, one, someone called me a gatekeeping, gaslighting girl boss, what?

at least they called you a girl boss. They did call me. So I took, I took it as positive feedback. Yeah. positive feedback. But, um, I, you know, it's, there are negative comments that I just choose, you know, not to listen to. But if it's any direct feedback on how I can improve as a coach or a business owner, I say thank you, and I shut my mouth.

I say Thank you for the feedback, and I use that to make myself better. So I would say take the feedback, uh, with a grain of salt. If it's, you know, actually something that will help you get better. Leave your ego aside. If it's something that you know is just something to brush off, brush it off. , I feel like in order to be really successful with business, and this can be a whole other conversation versus, you know, masculine and feminine and business, I feel like men are, men are more assertive and they're better with their emotions.

I know for me personally, you know, separating emotions and business is kind of something that I've had to navigate and I feel like that stops a lot of people. When it's tiring, when you don't want to, when you don't feel like it or something happens, like it's so easy to let those emotions affect what you have to do to drive your business forward.

So if it's a comment and you're letting yourself, you know, react to it emotionally, like really just try and separate yourself from that and say, is this gonna benefit my business to apply this feedback and to give it a thought or not, and then, you know, just move on. I 

love that. And, uh, empires were not.

by the feedback of critics. Yes. Yeah. So mm-hmm. , I think it's, uh, advice well taken and hopefully our listeners take that. And I just think the world is now about you showing up as who you are. Mm-hmm. as your authentic self. Yeah. And, , that insecurity, I know it holds me back at times. Mm-hmm. , I know it holds other people back at times.

Yeah. I'm so thankful that you haven't let it hold you back because you've created such a beautiful space. Yeah. And. I've gotten to know you through you being rose from the plant life, Cho us and my parents' friend's daughter mm-hmm. that I've been wanting to meet for forever. So I'm glad that , that your community has allowed us to 

connect in a new way too.

And that's the cool part. Once you put yourself out there, you're gonna make so many new friends. And it's true. People are just gonna be coming out of the woodworks, the people that you know. need in your life to make you better. And that's the thing when we were talking about mentors before, it's you have to surround yourself with the people that are either doing what you wanna do or have the same mindset as you.

And you are just gonna go, you know, to heights you've never imagined by doing that. 

So I think this is probably a perfect time to ask what is next for the plant life Chose us. What is next for. 

That's a great question. If my mom was here, she would say marriage and grandkids, but thankfully she's not here.

But mom's not 

here. We don't listen. She'll be listening to this, you, we don't listen to moms about these things. , 

I definitely wanna. Keep growing the impact, making more people taste protein buns and ice cream for breakfast as it's life changing. We're gonna force Feeded. Joe. Joe, today. Yeah. Some ice cream.

Do we have any bruised bananas? Nice. . . 

We'll just, we'll just go to your previous employer and do a quick 

run a drive by there. , 

something tells me I'm gonna be edited out of 

this episode. , wait.

Oh, what was the question? , that was really 

where, what's next? What's next for the plant life? Oh yeah. Other than 

robbing bananas. Yeah. I mean, well it's so funny cuz I feel like, you know, so, and this is what I thought too before starting my business, like, oh, I have to post a viral reel, or, oh, I have to, you know, make my content perfect and spend all day like making.

Videos and pictures, but no, like you need clients and in order to get clients it's very different from posting a reel. You need business infrastructure. Mm-hmm. . So you know, the people that have actual businesses are not out there posting and creating content all day, which is fun. I love doing my recipes.

I probably do it once a month. I, you know, now that I have a business with foundations and, you know, frameworks and it's running itself, I really can't wait for the chapter in my life where I can just create in the kitchen all day. Cuz that's just, ugh, that's just my favorite thing ever. Um, and create in the kitchen and, and write.

Everyone always asks if I have recipe books and I don't because it's more valuable to teach a man how to tofu rather than, you know, give him the recipe for tofu so that, Directly in my coaching. Yeah. Oh man. Notice she's said a man. She's looking at you. Yeah, I know. There you go. yeah, I would love to be at the point where I've cooked books in a show and all that jazz and can just take photos all day.

I could see it. Yeah, I could see it. Yeah. I have 

a, I have a plant life. Chose us. Question for you. Go for it. What do you call an angry carrot? . Oh gosh. Esteemed veggie . 

You wanted this rose? I did. Sorry. 

This is what you asked for. It fits. It fits. This was what 

you cancel for. Subscription. Please . But it fits.

It was. It was. It was great. So listeners, tune in with us in two weeks for the Plant Life, chose Mimosa. 

Coffee is Gone. 

It's a new podcast that we're rolling out. It will replace the current Sunday morning slot where morning Coffee Mimosas was presently, oh my goodness. Arrived. 

I guess I could roll over and go back to sleep then.

Thank you so much. How can our listeners engage with you? And if you are plant positive mm-hmm. and interested in, you know, plant-based living and food, I would highly encourage you to check out this community. Or if you're just a woman that is, Looking for inspiring content. Wants to be healthy, looking for some healthy recipes, looking to watch how you can start lifting and working out in a new way.

Highly encourage that. Or if you're an old man like my dad, I guess you can creep on 

there too. , how can they engage

We, we do have some, uh, husbands that sign on for coaching with the their partners. So, You never know. Um, I am the Plant Life chose us on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. You can go look at my viral video on TikTok. 

I will do that. Do it as soon as we sign off. 

Yeah, do it. And um, yeah, if you're just someone that likes good food, definitely cut my way.


Well listeners, thank you for being with us. I hope you enjoyed this. I know you enjoyed this episode because it was, I don't know that I've enjoyed an episode this much. Um, unless you're a previous 

guest. I'm just keeping my mouth shut. . . 

I'm just kidding. No, this was a lot of fun. Mm-hmm. , I had such a great time despite your extra dad jokes.

And, um, if you liked what you heard, like, subscribe, share with a friend, leave us a five star review, certainly for this episode, because Rose deserves it. 

Absolutely. We will see 


in a couple weeks, wherever you are, whatever your story. Thanks for spending time with us this. Now go and make a difference in your world.

That's how I got Pedro at the guitar was . We're doing this 14 

takes to get this. 

We're gonna get nice cream ready right after this. Oh yeah. I can't wait. Just those bruised 

bananas. Yes, that's right. This was wonderful. Thank you, rose. 

Thanks guys. Thanks everybody.


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