Get Everything You Want Out of Life. Four Steps to Build and Exude Self-Confidence

Having self-confidence is an attitude and mindset about your skills and capabilities. Your goals and dreams are limited unnecessarily when we limit or diminish our own abilities.

It’s easy to lose confidence if you…

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Aug. 24, 2021

Episode 25 Hit the Mark

Hit the Mark: How to Make Complex Ideas Understandable, Part One

The purpose of communicating is so everyone involved understands the information. That sounds simple enough. But is it really?

Miscommunication happens so frequently causing challenges in all aspects of business and personal life.

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Hit the Mark Part 2: Three Simple Concepts for Crystal Clear Communications

Communication is by far one of the most valuable skills in any person’s toolkit. At any point in your career, or in everyday life, being an effective communicator is key to your success.

Do you want to communicate better…

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Hit the Mark Part 3: 5 Steps to Flawless Written Communication

In the world today- the majority of communication is written. What you put in an email or text is forever. Don’t let poorly written or improperly crafted emails or texts embarrass you or tarnish your image.

Writing clear, concise, a…

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Easy Work from Home Hacks

In this episode, Cristina and Joe talk about their favorite hacks from the last year of work from home.

Listen to hear about how you can make the most of any environment to be productive and fulfilled- from home!

As a bonus, Joe also reveals a budget-friendly dating ti…

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No Question About It: A Dynamic and Fun Approach to Remote Selling

In this fun and informative episode, Cristina and Joe tackle the challenges and reveal the opportunities of remote selling.

In their own special way, this topic is explored using questioning as the skill, personality as the differ…

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Episode 4: Real Talk to Process Improvement

In this episode, we explore a practical, down-to-earth, approach to Process Improvement from Joe's experience.

Joe reveals the basics of the actual steps he has used successfully for years to streamline and improve processes for businesses of all sizes.…

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Episode 3: Growth: It’s not “comfy” but it's worth it
We all have comfort zones. Obviously, we are most comfortable there, but comfort doesn't equal happiness or satisfaction, or fulfillment.

When we're not fulfilled, we often feel a tug towards whatever it is that might fulfill us, thus making u…

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This episode reveals the importance of following your passion, identifying and seizing opportunities, and letting your career evolve along the way.

I’ve known my dad for my whole life, and in this episode learned so much more about the career and life lessons that ultimately lead to sitting togeth…

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