Episode 23 Attributes of Great Customer Service

Attributes of great customer service: Wowing Your Customers is the Fuel Propelling Your Sales Engine.

What motivates you to buy a certain product or choose a specific brand? Do you often purchase the least expensive item or will you pay more when there is a lower-cost alternative? Why?

It’s useful to think about our own behaviors as consumers to better understand the motivations of the buyers of your products or services.

This past week, Joe had such an amazing experience with Weber Grill’s customer service that it inspired today’s topic!

A Great customer experience leaves a lasting impression.

Great references from your current clients or customers are critical for you to grow your brand or business. They will go beyond the reference…they become true brand ambassadors! Just as Joe felt compelled to do here.

In this episode, Joe and Cristina discuss the key attributes needed for a great customer experience through Joe’s recent experience with Weber.

They bring this simple yet critical aspect of your success to the forefront so you can take steps to create raving fans for you or your business right now.