How To Meet Like a Pro: Your Guide to Running Productive Meetings

Have you ever sat through a meeting that could have been an email? Ever ended a meeting with no clarity around what is to happen next? Too often, meetings are called without true purpose and intent wasting our most valuable resource - time.

A great meeting brings the right people together with an established intent and clear understanding of what success looks like. Meetings are a vital tool that establishes consensus, inspires innovation, and advances initiatives forward. When appropriately executed, meetings can accelerate progress and even be fun. When a meeting isn’t carefully crafted, the exact opposite outcome is the result.

In this episode, we passionately debate what works and what drives us mad when leading and participating in meetings.

We outline actionable steps you can implement today to allow you to scale and reach new potential.

Set a clear intent and intended outcome
Align the right participants
Gain consensus for the agenda
Start and end on time
Be in control of your meeting
Set the tone
Be concise
Establish and communicate clear next steps

Listen with us and start meeting like a pro! Have other ideas we didn’t explore? Share them with us today!

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