What’s Your Leisure? Crack Your Code to Relaxation

What’s Your Leisure? Crack Your Code to Relaxation
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How many of you feel guilty when you take time to do nothing? Sounds silly, but Leisure time, relaxation, even just doing nothing, is important. Equally important is making sure the way you are spending that precious downtime is truly recharging your batteries. 

In this episode, we take a look at Leisure time and share some of the ways we like to relax. We also dig into ways that downtime can drain us if we aren’t using it thoughtfully. 

Cristina and Joe certainly have different concepts of relaxation, but that’s the point. What is relaxing for some, is stressful for others!

So come along with us as we joke, laugh, and chat our way to a fun, relaxing episode…about nothing but the art of doing nothing….with intention!